May 31, 2024

May Update: Location Based Pricing, New AI, and more


The new AI is twice as fast!

Justin Watkins
Product Owner

Hey Handoff users,

Our team has been hard at work shipping new features to make your experience in the product even better. Read below for our complete list of product updates.

Pro tip: Make sure to read to the end to catch every update, including Upcoming Features!


🗺️ Estimate Pricing is now based on your location!

Big news for everyone: You can now set a specific Price Location when starting Estimates! 🎉🌎📍

Handoff AI will use your Price Location to fine tune your estimate pricing to match rates in your area. You can use a city, county, zip code, or address -- start typing and we'll auto-fill the rest.

To save you time, the app will ask to use your device's location. We'll use GPS to automatically set your pricing even quicker.

🧠 New AI: Faster and more detailed

We've released a new AI model that generates estimates 2x faster than before! ⚡The new AI also provides improved material breakdown. 💪

This is available as an early access release. If you're interested in getting in, reply to this email. We'll be releasing this to customers in the coming days.

For example, check out the AI's detailed lumber breakdown for this 10x10 deck.

💖 Customer Love

Check out these recent testimonials from fellow contractors!

"Handoff is taking a 1000 pound weight off my chest."

Todd Sheffield, GoHome LLC

"Now with Handoff, we're fast. We just did 3 townhouses with Handoff in 30 minutes. They said "You got the job." It's a serious sales tool for me."

Tony Pope, Atelier7

“Saves loads of time.  Accurately captures the job for cost and planning.  Company is really responsive to customers.”

Aaron Hamilton, Hamilton Valentino Design

"Handoff AI allows me to free up more time, I'll need a new hobby!"

Chad Poznanski, CAP Construction

"Handoff AI is a game changer in helping us develop our long term sales & operations plan … AI is the way of the future."

Matt Smith, equi-linc

⤴️ Move Items with Drag and Drop

Tap and hold any item in your estimate to move an item with Drag and Drop. Drag up or down to drop the item into any group.

◀️ Swipe to Delete

Clean up your estimates fast: you can now swipe left on items to delete them.

✏️ Easier Editing on Phones

We always recommend editing with AI, but sometimes you just need to edit a few items. We got you. Tap any item to manually edit. A simple set of fields will open above your keyboard. You can edit names, quantities, prices, and markups without losing your place. Editing markups is easier too.

🗺️ Upcoming Features

Here's what's planned next:

  • Proposals with AI: including Invoicing, Signatures, Attachments, Terms & Conditions, and Lump Sum formatting! Our AI will write up simple scope of work notes for your clients based on your estimate.
  • Android App: We're preparing to ship to the Google Play store in the next few weeks!
  • Multi User Teams: Each of your team members will be able to log-in with their own credentials. No more sharing phone numbers!
  • User Default Settings: You'll be able to set default prices, scope items, and labor rates for the AI to use moving forward.

See the full roadmap here:

Request features here:

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Are you loving the iPhone app? Please rate us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ on the Apple Store! While there, write a few sentences telling others how Handoff makes a difference for you. It means the world to us!

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🛠️ Quick Fixes

  • iPads & Tablets: We switched back to a simpler mobile design on tablets. You can access Handoff from any tablet at
  • Proposals: After proposals are sent, we now remove the AI's conversation response from the contractor-facing view. We heard it was confusing.
  • Hyperlinks: We changed the hyperlink included in the outgoing notification texts and emails to your clients. The link no longer mentions AI, to keep it simple.
  • Exports: We fixed the pop-up alert so it's easier to read.
  • Back Button: The button now returns user to the correct screen, every time.
  • Dashboard Statuses: We fixed an issue where users get jumped back to Draft estimates when checking their Sent estimates.
  • "+" button in Groups: On phones, tapping + next to the group row will add items to that group as intended.
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