June 6, 2024

CRM: Save your Clients in Handoff


Manage your repeat clients in one place, look up addresses, and more!

Justin Watkins
Product Owner

Hey Handoff users,

Big news! 📢 Clients can now be saved in Handoff!

  • You can manage each Client's estimates and contact info in one easy place.
  • You can assign and send estimates to Clients in seconds.
  • We've created Clients for you based on any previous Proposals you've sent.

Keep reading for a brief video walk-through!

Find your Clients in the Navigation Bar

Tap a Client to view their Estimates

Easily Edit a Client's Contact Info

Send an Estimate to a Client in seconds

View Clients on either Desktop or Mobile

If you prefer using your desktop or laptop, great! Clients are accessible there too.

Click below to watch this 1-minute desktop demo.

Video: https://www.loom.com/share/f4770d714e3b4a2b95bf4842c2a81bee?sid=13a7bd91-1694-40ff-8c04-38c56a5797f6

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